Room Additions

Room Additions

Instead of piling valuables and accessories in boxes and closets, why don’t you consider actually creating more storage space? Our room additions service is the right choice for homeowners who struggle with the constant lack of space, whether it is storage space, or simply the need to have more privacy and functionality in their home. A properly designed and built room addition is bound to solve all your problems with insufficient space.

Adding an extra room gives you the chance not only of creating more space but also providing your home with a refreshing design. The task of adding a room to any home or structure, however, is not a cinch as it might sound. You need to understand that making big changes in your home could be a complicated undertaking. Undoubtedly, that gives you enough reason to hire the services of a reputable remodeling firm to help you out. Phoenix Remodel Group is a company that is sure to provide you with an exceptional experience throughout your entire room addition process.

Customized rooms for your Phoenix home

We believe that no remodeling project is similar to the other, and every customer is equally important as the other. This is because different homeowners ask for our help to implement different ideas that vary every from case to case, regardless of the size of their project. In return, we take their requests seriously and offer them high-quality craftsmanship and service. We can, therefore, incorporate various ideas into creating a new space just like the client wants it to be.

Innovative room addition designs

We help increase the beauty and value of your home by incorporating the latest designs into your room addition project. Although our professionals have acquired most of their experience from the past projects, we don’t stop there. We continually keep ourselves up-to-the-minute with the emerging trends in the room additions industry to ensure that we offer our esteemed clients only the best.

Timely completion of every project

There is nothing quite as disappointing as a contractor who takes forever to complete their project. To avoid this, we take precautions to make sure that your room addition project doesn’t give you nightmares. We prepare a detailed schedule which allows you to know how long the actual construction will take right from the beginning of the project. We then employ all our resources and time to keep your troubles to an absolute minimum.

Quality building materials and products

The primary objective of our company is to add a room that will meet your needs for the rest of your life. We, therefore, never use substandard materials or products. We only use the highest-quality materials so that your additional space can prove to be a wise investment.

Phoenix Remodel Group has helped numerous homeowners add extra quality rooms to their homes in Phoenix. Contact us today for a room addition that you are going to love.